Terms & Conditions

Sussex Toilets – Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions
1. We will comply at all times with the Environmental Protection and Health & Safety legislation
2. We will co-operate with the client in the discharge of the client’s duties under relevant legislation
3. Unbiased advice on numbers of units to meet the need and the location of the clients needs
4. The agreed number of units shall be installed at the correct location on the day agreed (At least
48 hours notice needs to be given by either party should this need to be changed). Units will be
clean and in all respects usable
5. Where effluent is collected it will be disposed of in accordance with the principles contained in
the Environmental Protection Act regulations 1991
6. Toilets will be serviced on a regular basis and a record of servicing will be kept. Servicing will
include replenishing of consumables and may include emptying and recharging with water and
toilet chemical additive
7. The client/hirer will keep the toilet/s within 33 feet for our service vehicle for emptying/servicing
8. Every effort will be made to collect units to meet the client’s requirements. At least 48 hours notice
needs to be given by either party should this need to be changed
9. Whilst the possibility of spillage is remote, in the event of spillage occurring, every effort will be
made to control the situation and protect the environment
10. In adverse weather conditions, emptying/servicing or removal of the toilet/s may be delayed or
11. The client/hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the toilet/s once Sussex Toilets has
delivered to the location agreed. When toilets are lost, stolen or damaged and cannot be
retrieved by us, the hire will be deemed to end when the client/hirer pays to us the invoiced
charges for the loss of the toilet/s. Charges for loss or damage will be based on current
replacement values with due allowance for fair wear and tear
12. If portable toilet/s are blown or pushed over, when on hire, a charge will be incurred for
13. If the toilet is involved in any accident, we the owners must be notified immediately
14. The client/hirer shall not re-hire, sub let or lend to any third party without the written consent of us
the owner
15. The toilet/s shall not be moved to another site or location without Sussex Toilets permission
16. Hire will commence on the date agreed by both parties and will cease on the date agreed by
both parties. Charges will be calculated on a weekly basis as agreed from the initial agreement
17. The client/hirer will allow access for delivery and removal of the unit/s. If access for removal is not
possible due to obstructions, then you will be liable for those week/s hire.
18. The hire charges are based on the site being level and solid standing with suitable access for the
toilets and delivering/collecting motor vehicles. The hirer warrants that Sussex Toilets will have
suitable access, free from obstructions – trees, hedges, walls, fences, wires and cables. The hirer
will be responsible to any damage to buried pipes or concealed services or any lawns or drives
where access or removal is required. Sussex Toilets reserves the right to charge for any damage
caused to the vehicles or equipment due to the above or unsatisfactory site conditions. Sussex
Toilets reserves the right to charge £75.00 plus VAT per hour or any part of for any delay due to
unsuitable site conditions, delivery/collection being delayed by vehicles, building materials,
marquees etc.
19. Delivery waiting time for construction and event portable toilets is 15 minutes. Delivery waiting
time for luxury toilet trailers is 30 minutes. Thereafter Sussex Toilets has the rights to charge £75.00
plus VAT per hour or any part of.
20. The client/hirer will allow access for the weekly service/pump out. If access is not possible within 15
minutes to the toilet/s, the pump out/service will be aborted until the following week. Additional
pump outs/services are £75.00 plus VAT
21. Aborted builders/site toilet deliveries on the day of delivery by the owner of the property, or the
customer of Sussex Toilets will incur a charge of £75.00 plus VAT
22. All payments are in advance or on the day of delivery where an issue of an invoice will be
provided, or unless a credit facility has been granted by us in writing. We the owner may
terminate the hire in the event of the client/hirer failing to comply with the owner’s payment
terms. Payment shall not be deemed to be made until we the owners have received either cash
or cleared funds in the respect of the full amount outstanding as agreed by both parties
23. Insurance is the clients/hirers responsibility once the toilet/s have been delivered
24. Sussex Toilets shall not be liable for death or personal injury arising from your negligence.
25. Sussex Toilets shall not be liable for any losses which were not reasonably foreseeable at the time
of entering into the contract
26. All invoice queries must be notified to us the owner in writing within 14 days
27. Cancellation period for event portable toilets and luxury toilet trailers. In the event of cancellation,
the 50% deposit will be forfeited. If the full balance of monies has been paid, then the whole
amount will be forfeited. If the customer wishes to postpone the event to a different date, then
we may agree to the new date, if that date is available, otherwise the monies will be forfeited.
28. Cancellation of site/construction portable toilets. Sussex Toilets require at least 2 working days
notice of cancellation for a full refund. Otherwise, a minimum administration charge of £75.00 plus
VAT will be applicable. If you wish to delay the hire, 2 working days notice is required.
29. If non payment within 60 days of our services, Sussex Toilets holds the right to return the waste of
the clients during the unpaid period to their billing address
30. Complaints will be dealt with utmost urgency